From Soil to Sip to Soul

Jewel Aromantic Specialty Coffee offer you 100% handpicked arabica coffee beans from award winning farm across India, freshly artisan roasted to perfection for you in small batches to bring out the best from the beans and to ensure that nothing but the best reaches to you. Shop now to discover aromantic and brewtiful roasted fresh arabica coffee experience.

Monsooned Malabar coffee

Monsooned Malabar - India's Specialty Coffee

Badra Estate Agaro Coffee

Award Winner SLN 4 - Ethiopian Agaro Washed Arabica Coffee Micro Lot from Badra Estate & Industries

Papakuchi Pulped Natural Coffee

SLN 6 -  Pulped Natural Arabica Coffee Micro Lot from Papakuchi Coffee

Baarbara Berry  PLN AA Coffee

SLN 795 - Washed Arabica AA Grade Coffee from Baarbara Berry - Rain Forest Alliance Certified

 Papakuchi Coffee

SLN 6 - Washed Arabica AA Grade Coffee from Papakuchi Coffee - The taste of Coorg


The Gabi Drip Master A Coffee Maker
The Gabi Drip Master A. Pour over coffee dripper - Famous for consistency & sweetness in coffee

Hario V60 Coffee Maker

Hario V60 Pour over 1 - 4 Cups coffee maker - Available in While Plastic & Ceramic

Our Weekly Coffee Roasting Schedule


Orders Placed From Saturday afer 9:00AM till Monday 9:00AM


Will be Roasted on Monday

Orders Placed From Monday after 9:00 AM till Wednesday 1:00PM & Thursday 1:00PM


Will be Roasted on Wednesday and /or Thursday respectively

Orders Placed From Thursday after 1:00 PM till Saturday before 9:00


Will be Roasted on Saturday




Coffee one of the most intricate, fresh and sensual aromantic experiences of all the foodstuffs and brews on the earth! A great cup of freshly artisan roasted coffee is only as good as the beans and water you use to make it. Coffee is all about sensorial pleasure.




It takes 0.5 seconds to say and read the words “Crop-to-Cup” but do most people ever really wonder how long that journey actually is?

Shop with Confidence. We are Coffee Lovers like you on the other side.

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Coffee brewing and drinking is a great fun. Everything that came in our coffee journey of perfection — the shrubs, the farmers, the hybrids and the mutations—is for this brewtiful and aromantic coffee moment. Because the only thing required for the most personal of coffee aromantic experiences are some great freshly artisan roasted coffee beans and a easy way to brew coffee. A perfect sip and the warm embrace of a great coffee lies in your hand and right now it's just a click away.