Seven seeds stolen from Yemen & planted in Giri hills of Karnataka centuries ago by an Indian Sufi Saint Baba Budan have put India on the world map as one of the finest region for shade grown coffees. To grow coffee, you need mountains, thick old forest with just the right micro-climate and a person with a hopeful heart. India, a land of shade grown coffee is blessed enough to have all and today, the entire world covets the essence of Indian shade grown coffee.



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At jewelaromantic, coffee is not a commodity for trade, it's a seed of change, a movement first produced in the mind of a farmer. A farmer with a hopeful heart,  who has made the decision to spend the next several years, maybe the rest of his or her life,  to produce ethically Specialty Coffee of high quality by striving towards the best farming methods to infuse life in to the seed which blossoms in to flowers which further give birth to beautiful coffee cherries as fruits of labour love. Investing in the best equipments of international standards for quality processing, separating micro lot coffees, meticulous grading plus sorting of the coffees, drying them on elevated drying beds and finally supplying zero defect graded micro lot specialty coffees sustainably at a price that enables everyone involved in the complex journey of  “Crop-to-Cup”.

We are only given coffee handpicked from their shrubs. For carrying out this Herculean task with care and vigour we reward our farmers with payments which are always more than what they would get on the commodity floor or through trading. And the extra investment is certainly worth it.

Coffee is about pleasure. It’s that moment when your hand is warmed by the mug, you bring it up to your nose, inhale deeply & then take a sip. That sip is the culmination of years of work, mountain journeys, getting our hands dirty at the farm, storing and roasting of coffee at various degrees followed by copious amounts of cupping. Here's how we make that sip perfect & special.

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There is only one way of roasting that assures us with the perfection and that is by putting a bit of love & freshness into every batch. At Jewel Aromantic, we take care to roast our beans  fresh in small batches only against order, in a much personalized way, giving care and attention to every single bean (Jewel) that comes out of the bag. unlike others, We don't stock & sell per-roasted coffee which goes stale by the time you open the bag. The coffee we get from our coffee farms is already filled with just the right amount of attributes to make it exceptional. By freshly roasting them in an artisan way, we aim to elevate all these characters bring out the true flavor of Specialty coffee so that it paints a portrait of delicacy on the customers’ palette leaving behind the stale memories of Instant coffee until now was the only option available to Indian coffee lovers. Discover true aromantic flavors of Indian Specialty Coffee with Jewel Aromantic Coffee.

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Coffee one of the most intricate, fresh and sensual aromantic experiences of all the foodstuffs and brews on the earth! A great cup of freshly artisan roasted coffee is only as good as the beans and water you use to make it. Coffee is all about sensorial pleasure.




It takes 0.5 seconds to say and read the words “Crop-to-Cup” but do most people ever really wonder how long that journey actually is?

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Coffee brewing and drinking is a great fun. Everything that came in our coffee journey of perfection — the shrubs, the farmers, the hybrids and the mutations—is for this beautiful n frequent aromantic moment. Because the only thing required for the most personal of coffee aromantic experiences are some great freshly artisan roasted coffee beans and a easy way to brew on world's most fascinating craft coffee makers. All nested for you under one roof. A perfect sip and the warm embrace of a great coffee lies in your hand and right now it's just a click away.