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Coffee Journey

Coffee is not just a brew. It’s a way of life, one that garners emotion like no other beverage from the masses. Just like every other day, as I sat contemplating the nuances of life, my thoughts veered in the direction of the life of the coffee bean that I was testing in the lab. It is one exciting journey that it takes from crop-to-cup, as it gets babied and pampered all the way from the moment it manifests as beans on the revered coffee plant. Jewel, our precious green bean, really is a jewel in our crown, shining beyond the various other beans in existence.

Being one of the most traded commodities, coffee comes second only to oil. However, having said that, Jewel Aromantic is more than just a coffee, it is an international movement that is first seeded in the souls of the farmer. This farmer who has taken the serious decision of dedicating a better part of his life to bring into this world, the best ethically specialty coffee. For this, it seeks the help of renowned farming methods which will help breathe life into these seeds from the moment they take root as saplings. The beautiful coffee cherries that blossom get the encouragement to grow and treated like he would his babies because they kind of are his babies.

These precious seeds are then subject to processing and grading with meticulous love and care using only internationally acclaimed equipment, following the best possible quality standards. And since coffee is something no one in this world should undergo deprivation of, we make this little bean of magic available to you at a completely affordable price. This zero defect graded micro-lot specialty coffee will challenge you to question everything that you thought you knew of coffee. Experience a journey with every cup.



The Tale of The Farmers

Our Coffee Farmers


The entire world covets the essence of Indian coffee. Our coffee is special because of the fact that it is a legacy for our farmers. The organic and non-organic farms of our country speak of its rich history and heritage, proving its worth by being accredited by several awards and acclaims.

The most remote spots of India are the ones that produce the best kind of coffee, one that is unique to us. Places like Baba Budangiri Hills, Chikmagalur, Biligiris, Kodagu (Coorg), Manjarabad, Pulneys, Nilgiris, Shevroys, Anamalais, Travencore, Wayanad, Brahmaputra and Araku Valley produce a renowned shade grown varieties that give us the kind of coffee that tastes divine. Our farmers are our real heroes. They are the expert producers who extract the best results from the crop.

Our Team & The Farm


Our team called the Green Coffee team, adorably named after the seeds go right to the source to get our coffee seeds. This eliminates any uncertainty about the quality of the coffee seeds when we are going through traders and commodity exchange.

Ganesh and Jignesh our faithful team members visit every estate and sample everything that they get. Moreover, they have created a very close relationship with the farmers, their rapport ensuring that our customers only ever get the best of the best.


Going Green


Coffee Nursery


Our organic farming developer, Priya who is a part of our team, has always been a huge helping hand to those farmers interested in going 100% organic. She is well versed in the nuances of dynamic organic farming.

We are only given coffee handpicked from their shrubs. For carrying out this Herculean task with care and vigour we reward our farmers with payments which are always more than what they would get on the commodity floor or through trading. And the extra investment is certainly worth it.

We remove all floaters and stinkers is done through careful sorting. We discard Coffee beans of sub-par perfection. The beans are double washed and carefully dried using raised drying beds. The air flow is mechanically controlled and we give inputs from the top and bottom to make sure that the coffee is free of all possible defects.

Our team is also proactive increasing the territory of coffee farms that supply to us. They have been successful in identifying several such promising farms, but none of them make the cut just yet.  To every producer, supplying to Jewel Aromantic is a matter of pride.

Our team and producers have a synced wavelength which means either of them do not have to worry about having to go the extra mile that they would need to make sure of the quality. This is how an average cup of coffee differs from the little slice of heaven you get to taste every time you make a cup of Jewel Aromantic coffee.



The Choice of the Bean


Our Coffee Beans

That the taste of coffee differs from bean to bean is lost on those who regard coffee as just a beverage. The finished cup is only as good as every single process that the bean goes through from the moment it blossoms on the shrub. Indian coffee is truly special, enhancing a certain depth of flavour, delicacy, and strength that cannot be found in other varieties. The fact that they are exclusively grown under the shade profoundly impacts its mysteriousness, classically warm and not too bitter in taste. Not to mention the pleasant aroma that permeates from each cup, made more intense through proficient roasting.


Pumping out the Aromas

Jewel Aromantic Coffee Roasting


There is only one way of roasting that assures us with the perfection and that is by putting a bit of love into every batch. At Jewel Aromantic, we take care to roast our beans in small batches, in a much personalised way, giving care and attention to every single bean that comes out of the bag. Each cup will, no doubt, fulfil the craving of every customer.

The coffee we get from the producers is already filled with just the right amount of attributes to make it exceptional. By roasting them, we aim to elevate all these characters bring out the flavour of the coffee so that it paints a portrait of delicacy on the customers’ palette.

We lovingly call our coffee roasting process artisan coffee roasting, done exclusively by expert roasters accurately called artisan coffee roasters. The following steps define the right process:

  • Excellence of the coffee put forth by the producers

  • Recompensing the value of coffee essential for the eminence of the coffee we present to our customers.

As all coffee fanatics are aware the most crucial point at roasting is the first crack. This is an audible signal that the bean is at the best place to take up the right amount of texture and flavour. Once the crack is heard, a very close eye is kept on the roasting process to make sure that there is no degradation of the bean. The focus flavours that we strive to imbibe into the bean include fruity notes, acidity, woody tones, earthy flavours and crisp chocolate undertones. We lock these effects into each bean through an in-drum cooling process that also ensures the preservation of that the divine aroma that these beans give off all the way from crop to cup. Thus the aroma lasts longer in our beans, setting us apart from every other brand out there, letting us capture the heart and soul of Indian coffee in each batch of beans.

The result of all these processes is the development of coffee that flows like honey and a whiff of fresh coffee plants. For a moment each cup will succeed in transporting you to the shaded tracts where these plants are grown with such love, care, and affection. These roasted beans keep their beauty and perfection of up to four weeks after roasting.

As all of us coffee lovers are aware, the more the information we have about the history and journey of the coffee, the better our cup tastes. This is crucial when choosing the cup of coffee that you want as your companion during boring office hours and the cold nights of winter.

The journey of our beans from crop to cup is also compounded with an astonishing amount of cupping and tasting by our quality management and the tasting team which aids in adhering to our standards and further pushing our limits of perfection.


Only the Best is Let Out



Each bean has a lot going on behind their brown layers. In fact, the aroma of coffee is more complex and has a lot more layers than even the most aromatic flower out there. The combination of earthy and woody notes with the delicate and smooth tones for a perfect harmony on our tongues.

All experts are aware that our taste buds, as well as olfactory nerves, get the most information when the coffee we have is at least the same temperature as our body. Waiting a few moments to let it cool will enable you to fully appreciate the harmony that is being played on your nerves.

Sometimes it may be hard to put into word what you crave for. In that case, try out a few different flavours profiles and find one that resonates with your heart. In the language of coffee, words have no prominence.

This journey is not just about the coffee. The happy ending happens when you are sitting there spending precious moments of your time enjoying the beauty of this cup of coffee that has gone through all sorts of hardships to reach you and imbue happiness in your life.



The Coffee Dream

Jewel Aromantic Coffee Mission

The dream is to make this little bit of magic held in a cup available to every person in every nook and cranny of the world. Our round the clock efforts make sure that each coffee bean is better than the jewel that it is named after. Book your online coffee today and get the inspiration like millions across the globe every hour of every day. Let it help you kick start your passion and burn through your fear, all the while smelling like a slice of heaven.