Our Story


The Beginning Of The Bean


I fell in love with coffee on my first cup. Being born and brought up in an Indian household, coffee was something that we only had on special occasions. My childhood was full of the aroma of Masala Chai that wrecked a festival on my taste buds. My demanding and busy career as an Interior Architect was the force that pushed me towards coffee. Four years after India witnessed its coffee revolution in 1996, I walked into a café hyped up about trying my first cup of espresso. I’ll be honest, the first sip was underwhelming, and the bitter taste took over my palette. But gradually the depth of flavours that started emerging began to lift up my sunken heart. My spirits and energy followed right behind my heart and thus started my quest to find the perfect cup of coffee.

The Machine Maniac

La Pavoni Espresso Coffee 

After that life changing taste of coffee’s magic, I dived head first into extensive research on Indian Coffee. The craving to find that pleasure again was constant. Coffee even managed to inspire creativity in my designs. The next step in the process was finding an espresso machine for me. My first buy was the Morphy Richards Steam based coffee machine. Later on at home, I realized that even though the coffee was tasty, it was not that great. It only managed to fulfill my craving temporarily. Thus my search for the flawless machine continued.

I chose to be a designer because the prospect of creating something new and exciting, set my soul on fire. My research taught me that I need to apply a pressure of 9 bars to get the best results with your espresso. Months passed and then like a ray of light in the darkness, on January 20th, I encountered a La Pavoni espresso machine in one of the shops in Mumbai. My obsession with coffee pushed me to buy it then and there. This machine from Italy cost me a small fortune, however, love is always worth it.


The Sparks Spreads To  Wildfire


The proud and happy owner of a very expensive espresso machine, my search was not yet over. Now it was a hunt for freshly roasted beans and the best available grinder. Both were not easily available. My saviour came in the form of my sister-in-law, who brought the grinder for me all the way from the USA.

Yet freshly roasted coffee beans still eluded me. This got me to thinking that there had to be others in the same predicament as me, struggling to get that enchanting cup of coffee between their palms.

The spark that began with that first sip was now fanned into a wildfire by desperation. My obsession became my passion and coffee became my dream. The entire world praised Indian coffee beans, so I began to ask myself; why I shouldn’t make what I want and that, my friends, was the moment that Jewel a Romantic was born. Romance your soul with the aromas of your perfect cup of coffee made using the beans of Jewel a Romantic. Set the tone for your day every morning with a steaming cup of love full of flavour and fragrance.

From being the owner of that sole espresso machine, today the Jewel a Romantic Empire has grown to have the largest collection of craft coffee makers, award-winning Indian shade grown artisan coffee, specialty coffees like Monsoon Malabar and premium blends for those who are true coffee addicts in their hearts.


The Team Behind The Scene


Once I found a way to combine my love for coffee and passion in designing through Jewel Aromantic, it was only a matter of time until I found kindred spirits. Returning from Chicago to follow a life in sync with nature and pursuing organic farming, Priya was the first member of my team. Her estate in Tamil Nadu grows purely organic coffee, pepper, avocados, oranges, berries and exotic herbs.

The second member of this dream team was Ganesh who has experience managing thousands of acres of tea plantations. Destiny brought the three of us together when we were pursuing coffee entrepreneurship in IIPM, Bengaluru. We hatched our Crop-to-Cup concept inside those walls. Ganesh’s expertise and sense of humour have gone a long way in maintaining our quality and rapport with the farmers.

Every day, our team writes a new chapter in this legacy of coffee, beginning with a fresh cup of romance with Jewel Aromantic Coffee.  

In the final stage of our crop to cup concept, the coffee beans are finally roasted in small batches in an Artisan Coffee Roasting Oven. All the processes that lead to the opus of the perfect cup of coffee that a coffee lover would crave for are accomplished under one roof. Welcome to a romantic journey of Indian Speciality coffee – coffee that you fall in love with again and again every day and you discover new penchants and unfold new tales every day.