Single Origin (Farm)

Single Origin (Farm)

Coffee at its Heights

Our coffee meets global standards, retaining its crisp and decadent aroma even after roasting because it is directly handpicked from our Award winning Heritage Farms. The full flavour of single origin is to be exclusively enjoyed.

What's the Fuss Over Single Origin Coffee

Ever wondered what is so special about Costa Rican Coffee beans or Brazilian Coffee? The mouthful feel that you get from these coffees comes from the fact that these are not ‘blends’ but come from one single source. The single source here means that they originate from one single farm. Every special characteristic that the coffee exhibits is a reflection of the unique setting of the farm from where it has been sourced. It reflects the sheer attention and care that went into its makings, right from choosing of the farm for its unique settings and the bounty of soil and environment it offered.

We can trace the refined and firm acidity, ripened sweetness and a smooth lingering aftertaste which is imparted to these special beans to its source, all the way from Crop-to-cup.

Coffee grows amazingly on the higher altitude because of the volcanic ash which is almost always found in those heights. The ash helps in the root development of the plants. It affects the entire profile of the cup.

The Support of Shade

The importance of shade grown beans is stressed over and over in the coffee community. Withholding the beans’ exposure to direct sunlight ensures that there is a certain amount of depth and complexity to the flavour that cannot be found otherwise.

Farms are grown in shade by trees like Teal, Mahogany, Rosewood, Silver Oak, Acacia and more. In addition to helping the environment by preventing topsoil erosion, it also helps in addition of nutrients and maintaining its microclimate. The canopy also helps in minimizing moisture loss as well.

Only the Best Processing

We guarantee our customers that their coffee undergoes processing at par with the global standards. Every bean is handpicked and then mechanically pulped sorted and separated from sinkers and floaters using state of the art equipment. We take care to do the curing and grading with immaculate care post harvesting. We also pay a lot of attention to the quality of each bean which we ensure using colour sorter and density separator process separating out the pure and perfect jewels of the lot. We only supply defect free Speciality Grade Coffee processes in sync with the global standards.

A Customised Cup

Jewel a Romantic, caters to your unique needs, providing you with either whole beans or a grind size that is compatible with your brewing machine. It is not simple to get the perfect TDS and extraction ratio. However, we manage to do it consistently batch after batch by grinding every single batch on Industry Leader and World's best Mahlkonig Grinder. To top it, we add a special touch by personalizing every bag of coffee be it a 150g bag or a 250g bag just for you. Every cup thus becomes the pinnacle of excellence.

The Final Slice of Love

The last ingredient that makes Jewel Aromantic stand out is a little slice of love that goes into every batch. International quality norms are always met with Single Origin Coffee stand up Laminated Zipper pouches. The one-way valve, also nicknamed the freshness valve protects the coffee's freshness making sure that outside air does not seep inside it and ruin this masterpiece. The pouch also doubles as a container.

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