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Hario Mizudashi Coffee Pot Mini 600ml - 5 Cups

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Get involved in the process, the experience and the wonderful flavours of cold brew coffee. The Hario Mizudashi Coffee Pot will change your experience of coffee. It produces a mellow, delicious brew with much less acidity. The preparation process is very simple too. The Hario Cold Brew Brown Coffee Pot has a durable filter, easy to use design and capacity of up to 600ml.

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Regular Price: ₹ 1,816.00

Special Price ₹ 1,370.00



What is Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Mini Maker?
Hario cold brew coffee maker is a pot or a bottle that allows you to extract all the beautiful flavours from your favourite coffee beans by steeping the coffee grounds in water. It is incredibly simple to make. What’s more impressive is that in just a few minutes you can prepare delicious cold coffee that will be ready to enjoy in around eight hours and will last for days to come by storing it in the fridge.
In Japenese "Mizudashi means: Cold brewed coffee prevents the grounds from being oxidized by heat and allows to extract the full flavour of the coffee beans.


Why use the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Mini Maker?
The main reason to use Hario Mizudashi cold brew because it allows you to enjoy refreshing smooth coffee with no acidic sting . It doesn't take any longer to prepare it either. With just a little bit of planning in advance you can enjoy mouth-watering ice cold coffee over the next few days.
No Heart Burn anymore
I must warn you, your favourite coffee will not taste the same. Pouring hot water on your coffee grounds gives the coffee that sharp and acidic taste. The slow Hario cold brew coffee extraction process means that your cuppa will be richer, more flavourful, with no acidic sting to it. Some coffee lovers also mentioned that as a result of the smooth using the Hario cold brew that heart-burn symptoms were eliminated.
What About Hot Hario Cold Brew?
Hario cold brew marks its versatility by putting the brewer in the driving seat. For those who are not happy drinking their coffee cold there is another option. The cold brew is very flavourful, that is why you can simply add some of the cold brew extract in a cup and pour some hot water on top with the Hario Buono Kettle (Sold Seperately) to enjoy smooth cold brew coffee hot. Voila. Its two in one.


Salient Features:
  • Made in Japan with Hario's famously tough glass and some plastic components
  • Coffee brewed on Mizudashi will contain 20% less caffeine.
  • Requires no extra parts or accessories
  • Also suitable for preparing hot coffee or tea
  • No Heat Burn and Acidic Sting
  • Does not use any form of energy to extract coffee.
  • Richer and more flavourful cup of Coffee or Tea.

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