The fact that Aerobie, Inc. is producing the AeroPress™ in USA, the most innovative coffee making device to come along in a long, long time, took everyone by surprise. Aerobie, Inc. is famous but for their Aerobie brand sport toys. Aerobie, Inc. was founded in 1984 by Alan Adler to manufacture and market his high performance sport toys. The company was an instant success when his first product, the Aerobie flying ring, broke the Guinness World Record for the longest throw.

Alan Adler became frustrated with the poor quality of the coffee brewed by most home brewing systems. Ever the scientist, Alan set out to study the important variables in the brewing process and their effect on the taste of coffee. He was heavily guided in his research by numerous tasting sessions with both professional coffee tasters (cuppers) and average coffee drinkers. He learned that almost all coffee drinkers like the rich taste and aroma of coffee but dislike the bitterness (acidity) often present in coffee and dislike particulate present in coffee brewed in some equipment. Alan went through many designs before he settled on the mighty Aeropress.

Aeropress Coffee Maker India - Our Fav. Coffee Making Machine‎


1. Plunger  2. Chamber  3. Seal  4. Filter Cap  5. Funnel  6. Filter Holder  7. Scoop  8. Stirrer

This smooth, delicious drink is enhanced by the feeling of fun that comes with using an aeropress which is fast and convenient. The conversation begins over a great press of coffee.

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