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Our Indian Specialty Coffee Farms

"Our Coffee Farms are much more than farming, they are specialty coffee production experts, constantly innovating practices in planting, harvesting and processing the best Specialty Coffees of India.”

We don’t call them coffee farmers, we call them specialty coffee producers, which gives credit to the fact that they are specialty coffee production experts. They are the ones who make this coffee great, special and awesome. They are the ones who are like-minded, who will go the extra mile for quality, whatever that means.

Most of our coffee farms are either award wining, inherited with a beautiful history dated from the British era, certified and 100% organic and biodynamic.

Specialty coffee production experts are the heart of what makes great coffee. Their skills, expertise and craftsmanship is the difference between mediocre coffee and coffee that is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. The coffee will never get any better in quality once it lands in our hands, after all. We rely on the producers for that pristine bean which we refer as "Jewel" rare and precious bean. A good artisan roaster works tirelessly to preserve that coffee’s inherent greatness.

Our coffee experts grow the coffee trees. They pick the cherry when it is perfectly ripe. They remove the outer fruit, leaving just the bean covered in a thin parchment. They rest the beans, let the beans develop into their full selves. Everyone here does something slightly different. It’s not the easy way. It’s not the fast way. It’s the right way, and it creates the best coffee possible.

A sustainable specialty coffee producer innovates, develops and improves cultivation and in turn can fetch even higher prices from Jewel Aromantic. The more each side of the partnership puts in, the better the coffee gets. Take a look in depth about our coffee farms - Specialty Coffee Production Experts.

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