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SLN-795 Pulped Natural Arabica Microlot from Baarbara Estate

₹ 420.00

Baarbara Pulped Natural also called as Honey washed Coffee is full of Roasted Nuts, Cherry, Dark Choclate aroma with buttery body, Medium Acidity and flavours of Black Tea, Peanuts and Cocoa Powder.

MG Plantations, an certified Heritage Farm with 120 years of coffee legacy. It has been owned by the Poornesh family. MG Plantations has feathered various prestigious certifications such as Rain Forest Alliance & UTZ to ensure a adherence to quality product, environmental care and labor conditions. Read More.

This certified coffee estate is winning hearts of all. Personalise this coffee with your name or name(s) to be printed on the coffee bag under Special Notes.

Ships in 24 hours after roasting.
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₹ 420.00



Coffee Farm Owner

Baarbara Estate (Certified)  (Read more about the farm)



Bababudangiri Hills - Chikmagalur, Karnataka


Variety & Grade

SLN - 795 Pulped Natural or Sun Dried Arabica - Micro lot



4500 Feet above sea level


Harvest Method

Selective hand picking of ripened coffee cherries


Harvest Calender

December to February



First Wash Pulp, Fermented, Sun Dried with Fermented Pulp (Honey washed)



Color Track 55 (See the Coffee Color Roasting Chart). Artisan Roasting ends after First Crack followed by an unique in-drum cooling process to lock aroma in each bean and to ensures that the divine aroma that these beans give off is preserved. Thus the aroma lasts longer in our beans, setting us apart from every other brand out there, letting us capture the heart and soul of Indian coffee in each batch of beans.


Servings - 250g Bag

36 Single Shots of Espresso



Baarbara Estate Pulped Natural Arabica Coffee can be enjoyed & brewed on all sorts of Coffee Makers including all pour overs and a must for cold brew. A great cup of joe for every coffee lovers. Enjoy Hot or Cold any time of the day. Wheat Bread Sandwiches, Pasta and cookies make a great companion with Baarbara Estate PSD Coffee.


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