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SLN 795 Washed Arabica AA Coffee from Badra Estates & Ind.

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Vibrant Acidity Coffee filled with chocolaty after notes. Perfect for brewing on all coffee makers including Pour overs and loved by baristas all over for brewing Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, frappes ... & more.

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₹ 400.00



Badra Estate's Plantation SLN 795 Arabica, AA Graded Specialty Coffee

Badra Estate Coffee

Badra Estate Coffee Aroma

 Cocoa Overtones, Dark Chocolate, Walnut after taste, Vibrant Acidity with fruit Sweet after note.


Badra Estate Arabica Coffee Drink

Badra Estate Plantation Arabica AA graded Coffee can be enjoyed & brewed on all sorts of Coffee Makers including all pour overs. Crema rich espresso which you will crave for everyday in the morning. Enjoy Hot or Cold any time of the day. This coffee is a "Barista Favourite Coffee".

Coffee Cups

Your number of coffee servings will vary as per your coffee brewer. Enjoy 36 shots of pure crema rich single shot of espresso.

Badra Estate Arabica Coffee Roasting

Artisan Roasting continues for few minutes after Frist Crack but ends before second crack followed by an unique in-drum cooling process to lock aroma in each bean and to ensures that the divine aroma that these beans give off is preserved all the way from crop to cup. Thus the aroma lasts longer in our beans, setting us apart from every other brand out there, letting us capture the heart and soul of Indian coffee in each batch of beans. (See Image)


Badra Estate Arabica Coffee FarmBadra Estates & Industries, an Award wining Heritage Farm. It has been owned by the Mammen family from 1936: Badra Estates & Industries Ltd. was formed in 1943 and three generations of the family have run it ever since. Read More

Badra Estate Arabica Coffee Region

Selective Hand Picking of Ripened Coffee Cherries happen in the month of December & January. Cherries are then mechanically pulped, fermented, fully double washed, dried on elevated yards, processed, cured and sorted all within the estate. Badra Estate Plantation SLN 795 Arabica - AA is graded on a Sieve size of 7.10 clean garbled lot.

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